Osakazuki Ginjo

Osakazuki Ginjo

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Vibrant crisp, and fresh fruity flavor attracts light and clear dry sake.
Taking a sip of this sake, expanding plumping sweet rice palate after the aroma.
Absolutely The sophisticate and sympathetic taste absolutely suitable to drink with family regularly.
Enjoy with ordinary food like as stir-fried vegetables, fish tartare.
Keep at room temperature or slightly chilled is best.

Suggested pairing

Food: Fish, Meat, Vegetable

Flavor: Soy-sauce, Miso

Sake Profile

Grade Ginjo
Ingredient Rice, Rice koji (both made in Japan), brewers alcohol
Variety rice -
Rice Milling Rate 55%
Alc % 15%
Sake Meter Value +4
Acidity 1.3
Quantity 6.1 FL oz (180ml) 

About brewery

Makino Shuzo co.,Ltd

This is the oldest brewery in Gunma Prefecture, has started in 1690 (over 300 years!). There is located in Takasaki City, where are blessed of the softly river from Mt. Haruna.
Make sure you should buy this sake, when you catch it up at liquor shops or Izakaya. In fact, this brewery's sake is mainly consumed in Takasaki area, so that's mean these sake is too rare to see out of Gunma! 
Each sake wearing a dignified and sophisticated taste brewed by Toji, a person skilled craft technique. The work has been beneficial for brewery's sakes have consistently won Gold Medals over 20 times at the Annual Sake competition and the National Tax Authority sponsored competition in Japan.
In addition, only have won the gold prized Sake department of the IWC awards, from Gunma Prefecture.

Location:2625-1, Gonda, kurabuchi Cho,Takasaki City, Gunma Prefecture


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