Operation and Qulity control

Filling operation

"Pochi-Sake" are filling in our company, are allowed from Public Health Center. (Photo: An operating license of liquor manufacturing)

Quality control

Quality control is performed by the Hiroshima Prefectural Food Industrial Technology Center (researching Sake rice and yeast), which conducts sensory evaluation of the Sake refilled into the pouches.

  • Off-flavor level from pouch

    Sensory evaluation (comparing bottled and pouch-packed) was conducted using three patterns, and the results were rated as similar to bottled.

    1. Immediately after filled
    2. Three months storage in different temperature zones 25°C, 4°C, -20°C
    3. The temperature had changed in case, from 25°C (1 month) to 40°C (3 days) to 25°C (2 months)


    Excerpts from the evaluation results: No off-flavor could be detected from the pouch product, and it was judged to be equivalent to the control bottled product.

  • Effects of Temperature

    All products are kept in the refrigerator before being delivered.

    ・Before shipment : Keep in refrigerated
    ・During shipment : In room temperature
    ・After received : Recommend keep in refrigerated

  • Oxygen permeability

    There is a 0.2 cc/㎡・day/atm oxygen permeability in the pouch. Comparing this amount to plastic bottles, it is far lower. As a result, using pouches can reduce the effects of oxide.