When I take a sip of sake,
I'm excited to image what kind of food is going well with.
This may seem like grandiose talk, but I believe that sake brings out the best in food.
But, Everyone has own "Delicious", besides, it is changed by feelings and conditions.
Then, I asked "What do you care about when buying sake?"

The answering was clear.
"I like the taste, but it is too big to keep in the refrigerator."
"If it has a size, which smaller than wine bottles, I would like to try to taste various sake."
Thus, we innovated one-cup size pouch sake.

Meeting one-cup size pouches,
you will find another flavor you like.

Please open the Pochi-sake of various brands across Japan.
If you find your best, please purchase from the Brewery.

We hope our "favorite sake" will be a bridge for your "favorite sake".