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"Salmon de shu" brewed for salmon

"Salmon de shu" brewed for salmon

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This sake, named "Salmon de shu," is brewed for pairing with salmon.
Salmon is a familiar fish to the Japanese.
It has a tart and savory aroma reminiscent of baked apples. The acidity from rice and the Umami well covering salmon's juicy taste that providing a refreshing after mouth. The well-balanced sake taste, goes well with any temperature.
For instance, it is suitable to chill with sashimi or sushi, at room temperature, with salmon marinated dishes or butter sautéed salmon. 

Suggested pairing


Flavor:Salt, Soy-sauce, Miso

Sake Profile

Grade Junmai
Ingredient Rice, Rice Koji (both made in Japan)
Variety rice -mixed
Rice Milling Rate -
Alc % 15%
Sake Meter Value -
Acidity -
Quantity 6.1 fl oz (180ml)

About Brewery

Yoshikubo Brewing Co., Ltd.

This brewery has a long history started in 1790, located in Mito, Ibaraki Prefecture. There is famous of Mitomitsukuni, who well known to "Mitokomon".  
The sake brewed with very soft water brings clear and smooth feel, but requires a longer fermentation process. By combining the traditional highly craftsman's skills with the latest data for brewing, and takes their time to produce sake with a crisp and deep flavor. nowadays, their products applaud highly worldwide.

Location:3-9-5, Honcho, Mito City, Ibaraki Prefecture


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