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Kamosumori Junmai Ginjo Pasteurized

Kamosumori Junmai Ginjo Pasteurized

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This sake fruity and sweet aroma reminds of the note peach and lychee, and aftertaste has crisp from berry acid.
This sweet taste with slightly berry acid will make it easier for you to drink, even if you don't drink sake usual, but also a familiar to drink person surely like it. Because of deep layers of Umami.
Please serve well chilled before drinking.

Suggested pairing

Food:Marine of salmon, Salad with summer vegetables
Flavor:Sour, Vinegar, Sweets

Sake Profile

Grade Junmai Ginjo
Ingredient Rice, Rice koji (both made in Japan)
Variety rice Gohyakumangoku, Koshiibuki
Rice Milling Rate 60%
Alc % 14%
Sake Meter Value -22
Acidity 2.9
Quantity 6.1 fl oz (180ml )

About Brewery

Naeba Brewery

This brewery has started in 1907, located in Tsunan, Uonuma region, which is famous of the High-quality rice product area in Niigata Prefecture. There is at the base of Mt. Naeba, where is one of the 100 best mountains in Japan. 
The sake named "Naebasan" is popular for souvenir as well as memento of their climbs.

In addition, Naeba Brewery has also been eagerly launching other new concept brands such as "Kamosumori" and "-MIZEN-" to attract the keen attention of sake fans. In recent years, shipping its products to Hong Kong, Taiwan, and the United States. It has made expansion to become one attracting worldwide attention. 

Location:555 Shimohunato Tuchinoe, Tsunan machi, Uonuma Gun, Niigata Prefecture


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