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Shichisui Junmai Ginjo 55 Omachi

Shichisui Junmai Ginjo 55 Omachi

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This sake has delicate lily of the valley with Muscat and melon with savory spice. Easy, smooth rounded palate. Fig and ginger, some sweetness with savory, almost dry finish.
It goes well with It also goes well with Western foods, such as salmon or mackerel rlillettes and chicken pâté.
Please served well-chilled before you drink.
We recommend this as a first drink for sake beginners.

Suggested pairing

Food: Fish, Meat, Vegetable
Flavor: Salt, Butter, Herb

Sake Profile

Grade Junmai Ginjo
Ingredient Rice, Rice koji (both made in Japan)
Variety rice Omachi
Rice Milling Rate 55%
Alc % 16%
Sake Meter Value -3
Acidity 1.5
Quantity 6.1 FL oz (180ml )

About Brewery

Toraya Honten Co.,Ltd.

There is one of the historical breweries, has started in 1788 located in Utsunomiya City. There has brewers headed by Toji, are studying hard for ideal sake every day.
The current Toji Tenmaya, has eager to be involved in manufacturing, that made he switched jobs to Toraya Honten. In 2009, he was put a person in charge of brewing, and in 2011 he got an expert as a Shimotsuke Toji.
Then after, he has well-known his skills distinct as a Toji throughout Japan. These sakes he made, achieved won the many awards in Japan also in the world, such as the Annual Japan sake awards, the Sake department of the International Wine Challenge.

Location:4-12, Honcho, Utsunomiya city, Tochigi Prefecture



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