[Event Report] Sake tasting! Japanese sake brewer, 10 kinds of taste reviews!

[Event Report] Sake tasting! Japanese sake brewer, 10 kinds of taste reviews!

1 Dazai Junmai Daiginjo 45
The masterpiece of Oda Matsuri. It is recommended that you enjoy this sake in a red wine glass.
The aroma is colorful, and the sweetness of the fruit spreads in your mouth after you taste it, and some people describe it as apple or strawberry.
The taste is moderate, so even those who are not used to drinking sake are welcome to try it.

🥢with FOOD
It goes well with Western dishes such as raw ham or cheese.
It's also fun to drink on the rocks, like shochu or whiskey.

📍Asahi Sake Brewing Co.

2 Sawanoi

One of the few sake breweries in Tokyo. A brewery in Odama with a history of over 300 years, founded in 1702 (Genroku 15).
It is mainly pure rice wine with a spicy mouth. This is a spicy sake with a little aroma.

🥢with FOOD
It goes well with any meal. It's perfect for drinking with a little cheese on the side. It also goes very well with sashimi.

📍Ozawa Sake Brewery Co.

3 Rakuji Masamune
Nakazaki's favorite sake. Very light and sweet, with a good balance of sweet and sour.

🥢 with FOOD
It goes well with any meal, especially tofu dishes!

📍合名会社大木代吉本店 Fukushima Prefecture

4 Torakayama
A tradition of over 130 years in business and a commitment to the deliciousness of rice.
Akita's sake is basically sweet-tasting. Inspired by the famous Japanese mountain.

🥢 with FOOD
Japanese cuisine (Kaiseki, Cutsuke, Buddhist cuisine)
Good with light, fresh dishes, or with full-flavored dishes such as kiritanpo nabe.

📍Tensou Sake Brewery Co.

5 Kubota Manju

The Kubota Sake Collection has long been an icon of Japanese sake culture. Kubota Senju is a ginjyoshu sake with a 55% rice refinement rate, while Manju has a 33% rice refinement rate. This makes it a very luxurious sake.

🥢 with FOOD
Tempura is the perfect match! Let's eat it with "salt" instead of dipping it in tempura sauce.

📍Asahi Sake Brewing Co.

6 Dosin
Although it's an Akita sake, it's pungent (but not that pungent).
It uses "Sexy Yamamoto yeast", which was discovered separately at Yamamoto Brewery in 2008.

🥢 with FOOD
Sake can be served with food.

📍山本酒造 Akita Prefecture

7 Ishimi Ginzan
A special pure rice sake brewed with 100% of the magical sake rice "Modified Yatagiru".
In addition to the pleasant fruity aroma, you can also taste the original sourness of "rice".

🥢 with FOOD
The sourness comes out slowly in the throat, so it is surprisingly suitable for Chinese cuisine with a heavier flavor.

📍Ichinomiya Sake Brewery Co.

8 Oyama Cold Sake Specially Brewed
This is an easy to drink sake with a sweet taste. The alcoholic strength is 13%, so it's a relatively newbie-friendly sake.

🥢 with FOOD
It goes well with Japanese food such as tamago, grilled fish and sashimi.

📍男山株式会社 Hokkaido

9 Kameishin Mugin-no-fish Junmai
Gold medal in the "Women's World Wine Competition 2022" awarded by the world's women wine experts!
It has a sweet and sour aftertaste similar to apricot and plum, and less than 9% alcohol, making it a popular sake.

🥢 with FOOD
Ideal for cheesecake or as a dessert with fresh fruit.

📍Kamishin Brewery Co.

10 Ichinozura No inspection of this brew, super spicy
It's known as "a spicy taste for people who like spicy taste".
Because it's made from Honjozake, the mouthfeel is light and it doesn't get greasy, so you can drink it as much as you want!

🥢 with FOOD
Perfect for refreshing Japanese cuisine, especially sashimi or pork hot pot.

📍一ノ蔵酒品販売株式会社 宮城県

Please do not drink alcohol if you are under 18 years old.
Please drink in moderation according to your physical condition.

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